“You think you have enough sneakers? “Umm no

So I get asked this Question all the time, let it be family or friends and the answer is no. Why should you limit yourself to something you love and have a passion for? But then again not everyone will understand the passion behind sneakers. I try and explain to friends and family what my collection means to me and half the time they still look at me side ways lol! But hey, you can’t please everyone, and then again this is for me and no one else. So I decided to ask two of my IG followers how they responded to this question and what their collection meant to them.

First up is my boy from the Bronx @sneekerhd

And here is his response to those questions and more

Question #1-How do I reply to someone who ask do I have enough sneakers?

Well my response to someone who ask me do I think I have enough sneakers is simple this -No ! 😂😂 I tell them you can never have enough of anything. I would often tell them my love for sneakers stem from when my mother bought my first pair of sneakers which were the low top white pro-keds with the blue and burgundy two stripe on the side of the sneakers. It was from that moment my love affair with sneakers began.

Question #2- Do you think u will ever stop buying shoes?

I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying sneakers I’m deeply invested at this stage of my life. Besides I’m such a sneaker addict/ sneaker hoarder 😁. I feel as long as they continue to make/sell sneakers I will continue to purchase them. I feel the only way I would ever stop buying sneakers is if they were to discontinue sneakers😳😩😂

Question #3- Do I think to myself damn I have too many sneakers

Yes, I always think to myself that I’m too blessed to be able to have all these kicks. I often find myself at times sitting or laying down in my sneaker room admiring my kicks. I like pulling out old sneakers that I haven’t worn in a while and trying them on seeing how they look, and feel on my feet. See to the outside world I may look like a hoarder, but to me Im just a person who happens to be a true lover of sneakers that also happens to be a collector 😎🤘🏿

Next up is my boy from the Bay Areaaaaaa!!


So I asked my boy Merek the same question about his collection his was short and sweet and straight to the point he mentioned he didn’t wanna drag it out lol so here it is.

Do I have enough shoes? I say I do have enough shoes but as a collector you have your favorite pair and silhouette.

Am I going to stop buying shoes? No, I will not stop buying shoes. Coz I need shoes for work when I work out and parties. I just don't buy shoes for myself. I buy shoes for my kid, family and my girlfriend.

Can It be overwhelming? Yes especially when you run out of space. But as a shoe collector people think we are hoarders. When I think of that I think of junk. Coz most of the hoarders I know just collect junk that you can't even sell. With shoes you can always sell them for more than the retail price you paid for them.

give them both a follow they both have a nice collection and my boy merek23 takes some dope ass sneaker shots.

The love we have for sneakers most will never understand but we keep that passion alive no matter what til they decide to never drop sneakers again lol I’ll be rocking my 1’s til the casket drops. i will be that cool grandma rockin‘ the new heat.

Go ahead and give ya girl a follow on my IG @more_1splease

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