Rhythm & Blues: Tony's Story

“NOOOOO...please don't die, please don't die." she cried...

This pain is unbearable and as much as I want to tell her to shut the fuck up I cant. I'm bleeding out in the frigid air and I cant get the words to come out.

"GET UP Tony. Dammit, Tony...GET UP!!!" she cried some more.

I cant for the life of me figure out how I got here...how did I get to this point. The irony is that the one doing all this crying and wailing is the reason I'm currently fighting for my life

"I fell in love with an ungrateful Bitch."


Two Years Earlier:

“Damn Bro, you are such a nerd.”

“Fuck you mean?”

“ Im saying, you never want to kick it and shit. I know you not cut like the rest but thats why i fucks wit you, cus you unapologetically do you…But you need to live a little.”

“Ro, Im grown. So if i rather focus on getting through this last semester so that i can graduate on time thats just simply me having my priorities in order.”

“Tony, when the last time you even been out with a girl, man? Im sayin’ , even when you not doing yo’ school shit you in this bitch reading comics and books and shit…Wit yo grown ass,” said Ro as he laughed. “Why don't you come out with me and Tye tonight. Stephanie having a party at the crib for her birthday.”

“ Yea alright. Im gone go just so you can stop talking shit for a while.”

“If you come out tonight I wont say nothing else to you for the next month,” Ro challenged.

“Yea Ill go”

Later that night: (at the party)

“Is that Keisha?,” asked Tony

“Hell yea. You still checking for that girl?” asked Ro

“Man, fuck her.” chimed Tye

“Why whats up with her?” asked Tony

“Nothing. Just some personal shit. If thats what you want; go for it. ill be back. I'm bout to go holla at my mans over here real quick.”

“Dont mind that nigga. You know he aint nothing but a hater. Nigga was born that way by his hating ass mama.” Ro said jokingly.

“Damn, you been holding this grudge against Ms. Johnson ever since middle school when she snitched on you to yo mama.” Tony said as he left.

“You aint telling no lies.” Ro said wit the serious face.

“How you fellas doing tonight”

“Hey Keisha whats good?” asked Ro

“Life. Life is good.” replied Keisha

Keisha gazed over at Tony, “its nice seeing you again. I didn’t recognize you and had to ask Steph who this fine brother was that was over here with Ro.”

Ro chuckled, “OK, girl.”

“Anyway, as i was saying its definitely good seeing you again. Here take my number and give me a call sometime. “ said Keisha as she smiled at Tony and proceeded to walk away.

“Alright, ill do that.” said Tony trying to play it cool.

“Awwww shit nigga. You done got the digits. Now how long is it gone take for you to call her?’ Ro joked.

“Mind yo business.”

A week later: (the date)

“Im glad you called me.” said Keisha as she smiled

“ Well I don't really think i had much choice the matter.” Tony smiled back.

*Keisha’s phone rings* she ignores it and proceeds to text.

“So aside from the fact you've grown into your head since middle school…what else is new with you?” Keisha jokingly asked

Tony laughed, “OK. OK. I see somebody got jokes. Well, right now Im in my last semester of grad school. Majoring in Media Broadcasting & Journalism. Currently interning at a radio station.”

*Keisha is continuing a texting conversation and seems to be getting irritated and distracted*

“You alright, you seem distracted?” asked Tony

“Im sorry. Im okay. Im just dealing with a fam―-“ Keisha stops mid sentence and looks a little shocked at the door of the restaurant.

Tye is approaching the table, “ Hey Tony whats good?”

“Oh nothing just sharing a meal with this lovely lady here.” Tony said as he gestured toward Keisha

“Cool.Cool.Cool. Well don't let me continue to interrupt. Y'all enjoy the rest of your evening. said Tye as he kept his eyes on Keisha the whole time then walked away.

Tony clearly puzzled asked Keisha, “ Am i missing something?’

Keisha a little unnerved replied, “nah, you're not missing anything. Tye and I went on a date once a year ago and it was horrible and he been salty ever since because i refuse to give him any play.”

*Keisha gets a text and becomes increasingly flustered and proceeds to respond to the text with rapid speed*

Tony proceeds to sit back and just watch her.

“Tony i am really enjoying this time with you and hate to do this but i am going to have to cut our date short. I have a situation i have to tend to and it cant wait any longer. Can you please forgive me and we continue this some other time?” pleaded Keisha

“Yea, sure. Let me pay for the food and i can take you where you need to go.” relied Tony.

“I appreciate you. You are truly a gentleman, but i already have a ride outside.” said Keisha as she got up from her seat. Kissed Tony on the forehead and headed for the door.

“Well, damn…this has been interesting to say the least. Tony said to himself.

After Tony paid for the food and headed out the door he saw Keisha pulling off in the passenger seat of Tye’s car….

In the Car: (Keisha and Tye…)

“You’ve proven your point and i need you to cut this shit out now.” demanded Tye.

“Im not trying to prove anything, said Keisha as she leaned over to the driver side and kissed Tye on the neck. “ Shut up and let’s go home.”

To be continued…

OK, so this is an interactive storytelling experience. There are PLENTY of blogs and podcasts that have incorporated a storytelling experience and here I invite you to assist me in what should happen next. We all have a creative within us. Please comment to this post or email: with your best version of part two. I will review the best selection and post chapter 2.

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