Love + Hip Hop

Jeremy was elected to take us home after spending the day…or it could have even been an overnight stay…i don’t really remember those details, with our extended family. You know the aunt and uncle that’s not really by blood but the families became close. I was so elated that he was taking us home because i knew it was going to give me the opportunity to hear my song. He had been playing it nonstop since it dropped and i rocked my head to it every time. Me and my brother got into the back seat of his two door old school and when he started the car up, put the track on and once i heard,

Yea, focus pocus, skiggedy-skat
It aint nuttin’ but me
that Nigga E-40 ….

then the beat came in and E-40 + Suga-T commenced to warm a 10 year old girls heart. Til this day that’s my shit and i can only listen to the version with Suga-T.

This was when i feel in love with Hip Hop.

I always say I was introduced to hip hop culture before i connected to hip hop music. My parents were born in the early 60’s grew up in the 70’s and were married at 19 + 21 in 1982. I came along 2 years later. So my dad always kept up with current music but in our home, we mostly were exposed to Average White Band, Will Downing, Gloria Estefan, George Duke, Santana…etc. There wasn’t very much hip hop in the house as far as music. I mean my dad would jam out to some Pharcyde, Onyx, and even occasionally tune into some Dre and Snoop videos.

I have spent so many days in the living room curled up on the couch while my dad was folding clothes and us watching movies together that came on tv. Now listen my family are some serious movie watchers and no shade to my cousins but while they was trying to sell me on how good of a movie Milo and Otis and Beethoven was… i was trying to tune into something more entertaining by my standards. I fell in love with cult classics introduced to me by my dad…

Police Academy, Blues Brothers, Uncle Buck, etc.

But when Who’s The Man came on, I swear we watched it every time it came on.

I was introduced to hip hop culture by way of movies.

Then there was the Disorderlies. I can’t be the only one that remembers and watched these films.

And you can't forget the classic, Class Act + House Party

I love hearing when people fell in love with hip hop. That one song that pulled you in and made you want more-- or maybe your introduction was by way of film like me.

So i now ask you the famous Sidney Shaw question, “When did you fall in Love With Hip Hop?”

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