Excerpts Of Melissa

Its been one hell of a trial and error process in learning to be as detailed as possible when you pray something or someone into your life.

You focus so much on all the qualities you want present that you may omit all the things you can do without....

This was quite touching to wake up to and I had to chuckle just a little given that he is actually sleeping on my couch after we have officially broken up. He says he needs some time to stack his money but I deep down feel like he just doesn't want to go. Doesn't want to face living on his own. He's grown too attached and dependent on my presence to help him get through his day without being swallowed whole by his demons.

Gosh, this is some unhealthy shit here.

"have you found a place yet?," I ask. "No. I need to stack. I still have to get a bed, TV, and whatnot." He replies. "And how long do you think it will be before you do this?" I press on. " I need like 4 months." he replied calmly.

" There is no way this is going to work. I need my place back. I mean I understand needing to get some money together but I cannot wait on you to fully furnish your place. I need to move on with my life. I need space. I mean really, who breaks up and sticks around for an extended period of time???"

He grows quiet and a little sulky. "Can you just give me until June?"

I respond, "No. You have a month and a half."

"May." He negotiates

"Are we really doing this right now?"  I say as I walk away completely unnerved.


I retreat to my room and close the door for some peace.

I receive a text...

hey bae, you able to talk?

                             I respond 'yes' and proceed to call for video chat....

Hey baby, How you doing today?"

"I'm ok. I got your letters and wrote you back." he responds.

"OK. Cool. Look forward to reading it. What's on your mind this evening?" I ask.

"You. My Kids and rebuilding my life." He answers.

"That's understandable and I'm ready for you to have that." I reply

" I love you so much. Bae, will you marry me?" He asked for the second time

I reply, "Ask me when you get out..."

More detailed story of this chapter in my life coming soon.

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