Can The Cool Be Loved


“Because i was always aware of how passionate you were about this. How dedicated you were into making this your life, i worked my ass off to make sure no matter what you did… or how good you became, I would always be better. My life’s mission was to take away from you the very thing you couldn’t live without.”

She laughs deeply.

“because i am now the top dog in this city, how does it feel to have to come to me before making a single move in this business?”


“You are a hateful Bitch!”

breathing heavily from anger. Trying to hold back his tears.

“So now you want to convince me that your “life’s mission” is my fault? Nah baby, you got the game all fucked up. No one told you to love me. No one told you to follow behind me. You chose to ignore all the signs. Your broken heart is on you. Dammit Tuesday! You know i loved you but i wasn’t ready for none of this shit!”


“Thats the best you can come up with?” she says with disappointment. “ I chose to love you? I followed you?”

She shakes her head in frustration and stares back with hurt in her eyes

“Loving someone aint a fucking crime. And you telling me the worst I could do was love you?… Oh baby, you got the game fucked up if you think any part of this is because of love.”

‘As much as i am enjoying this little interaction. I have another company to go run thanks to you,” she says sarcastically.


grabs her arm as she is walking by and whispers angrily in her ear…

“You may think you got one up on me babygirl but this here is a mean game of chess you are not ready to endure. And if you know me like you think you do, you should expect one hell of a storm coming out way.”


stares him in the eyes for what seemed like forever. Removed her arm from his grasp and responded…

“Game On, Muthafucka.”

She puts her shades on and walks out the door without a hair out of place + her favorite red lipstick giving her an extra dose of bad ass energy


Board Member:

“Im sorry Cash but we are just in need of fresh, youthful energy in this position. Now don’t think your hard work and dedication to this publication is going unnoticed. We are creating a new position for you because we acknowledge your value in this business.”


“I have been in this position for 18 years and the numbers aren’t suggesting that my leadership is a problem so forgive me if i feel this is personal.”

Board Member:

“Cashmere, it’s business. No the numbers aren’t suggesting a drop in readership but its stagnant. We need growth and refreshed ideas. Now i understand in essence its a demotion but you will still be privy to a lot of the same perks. And it’s not an instance removal. We would like you to train your replacement because there are in fact qualities that you bring that no other is equipped to teach.”


“So let me get this straight… not only do you want to remove me from my position for ‘new energy’…you also want me to teach her to do my job?”

She stands in silence for a moment

“I could teach the next editor in chief everything i know…but i wont. I am going to decline your offer and just move on.”

Board Member:

“You are making a big mistake dear.”


“Maybe…but if I’m as valuable as you say i am i shouldn’t have a problem landing on my feet.”

she walks out and orders her next steps

excerpt of a screenplay i am working on. hope you enjoyed it as much as i am writing it.

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